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MICK THOMAS BIO “Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” but of course we never do. He can roll up to any crappy stage and make it the centre of the universe to any audience. Mick is the real deal, no doubt about that!”

Jamie McKew OAM, Festival Director, Port Fairy Folk Festival

At the end of 2012 when Mick announced that Weddings, Parties, Anything would be using the Melbourne Age Hall of Fame induction as a farewell platform there was an understandably large outpouring of emotion as fans struggled to come to grips with the finality of the occasion. And when the dust had settled from the awards night ultimately all that was left was the knowledge that there were new projects to go to, tours to plan and songs to write. Music to be made.

Within a couple of years Death or Liberty – the musical documentary he made with his brother Steve featuring Billy Bragg and Lisa O’Neil was screening on the ABC (soundtrack album coming out on ABC records early 2018). The Vandemonian Lags theatre show – again written with his brother – would be commissioned for Hobart’s Dark Mofo Festival featuring a stella cast such as Tim Rogers, Brian Nankervis, Liz Stringer, and Jeff Lang.

Over the past few years his current band The Roving Commission featuring long time collaborator Mark ‘Squeezebox’ Wally and Ayleen O’Hanlon has taken fine form becoming a strong and unique musical entity. 2016 saw the release of three vinyl singles showcasing their new line-up and then 2017 saw the release of the compilation album These Are the Songs highlighting his tireless output of recordings post WPA – and it’s companion piece, the stunningly presented autobiographical book These Are the Days.

His ever evolving talents as a writer and performer and raconteur continue to define a career as intriguing as it is enduring.



Scorn Of The Women – Weddings, Parties, Anything – WEA 1987
Roaring Days – Weddings, Parties, Anything – WEA 1988
The Big Don’t Argue – Weddings, Parties, Anything – WEA 1989
No Show Without Punch – Weddings, Parties, Anything – Utility Records UK release 1990
Weddings Play Sports (and Falcons) – Weddings, Parties, Anything – Virgin Records 1990
Difficult Loves – Weddings, Parties, Anything – RooArt Records 1992
King Tide – Weddings, Parties, Anything – RooArt Records 1993
Donkey Serenade – Weddings, Parties, Anything – Independent 1995
Riveresque – Weddings, Parties, Anything – Mushroom/Sony Records 1997
Trophy Night: The Best of WPA / Benched – Mushroom Records 1998
They Were Better Live – Weddings, Parties, Anything – Mushroom Records 1999
Under Starters Orders – solo live – Croxton Records 1998
Dead Set Certainty – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Croxton Records 1999
Dust On My Shoes – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Croxton Records 2000
The Horse’s Prayer (double album) – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Croxton Records 2002
Something To Fight For (EP) – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Croxton Records 2003
Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things – solo acoustic retrospective for Liberation Records 2005
Paddock Buddy – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Liberation Records 2006
Spin! Spin! Spin! – Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – Liberation Records 2009
Head Full Of Road-kill / Live In Germany – Mick Thomas & Michael Barclay – Valve / Croxton Records 2010
The Last Of The Tourists – Mick Thomas – Liberation Records 2012

Vinyl Singles 2016:

  • Aqua Profonda
  • Damo’s Working in the Mines
  • South East Asia (First Night)

These Are the Songs – A Mick Thomas compilation. (Double CD) 2017

These Are the Days – songbook/autobiography 2017


The Gadflys – First EP
The Waifs (w/ Jen Anderson)
Ruby Hunter – Feeling Good (w/ Craig Pilkington)
The Vandas – First EP
The Drowners – Far From Home (w/ Craig Pilkington)
Mrs Wainright – Clickety Clack (w/ Craig Pilkington)
The Go Set – Journey For A Nation (w/ Craig Pilkington)


Over In The West
The Tank (musical score in conjunction with brother Steve for Salamanca Arts Tasmania)
Run Rabbit Run (musical score for Company B Belvoir St Sydney)
Dust On My Shoes (currently in developement stage for Salamanca Arts Tasmania)


Left Luggage – 1996 SBS Short Film (w/ Jen Anderson)
Staying Out – 2001 ABC Feature Length Documentary
Albert’s Chook Tractor – 2002 SBS Short Film
The End Of The Game – 2003 ABC Feature Length Documentary
Shacks – 2005 ABC Documentary Series
The Real Water Rats – 2006 SBS Documentary Series
Alive And Kicking – 2008 SBS Documentary Series
Dust On My Shoes – Roar Film’s major online broadband documentary for the ABC (click link below)

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