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Founders and Survivors is a project begun by Roar Film which initially will be a website based thing dealing with the extensive convict records they are still discovering in Tasmania. There are twenty stories to follow through – each with a strong musical component that will take in a number of songs and voices. Happy to say I have been working hard at this one and am up to song number twelve. Not that all are by me strictly – at this stage we have a couple by Van Walker, one by Liz Stringer and one by Ben Salter (Sex Hospital – modern classic!). Recording has begun and there have been a variety of guests including The Band Who Knew Too Much, Anna Burley, The Gin Club, Gary Adams and Tracey Harvey, Swill from the Men They Couldn’t Hang, and Shelley Short. In the coming weeks we have got Rory McLeod booked to have a sing (via cyberspace) as well as Dobe Newton (from The Bushwackers), The Aerial Maps – and possibly Kat Spazzy, The Wolfgramm Sisters and Darren Hanlon. But I guess one of the really exciting elements of the project is that the core band for a lot of the recording is pretty much (well, actually) Weddings, Parties, Anything which is our first official recorded effort since 1998. I think it’s going to be an absolute belter of a record.