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It’s here folks!!!

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Finally, the new book has lobbed and it is looking pretty spiffy to my eyes.

These Are the Days is published by Melbourne Books and tells the story of how and why the songs got made, who made them, who they loved, the cars they drove, the planes they caught, the meals they ate, the floors they slept on and the shirts they wore. It is the low down and the high life of Mick’s last 25 years of bumping up and down the highway and staying put at home. It’s got the songs and the chords, it’s got the pictures and the posters, it’s got the art and the graft.

Advance copies for mailing should be here in a matter of weeks. Pre-order yourself a copy here: https://mickthomas.bandcamp.com/merch/these-are-the-days-stories-and-songs-by-mick-thomas

The companion compilation CD ‘These Are the Songs’ will be out in March.