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Welcome to Mick’s Monthly Music Club where for a small subscription fee you can get a monthly exclusive release of material – new tracks, old demos, soundtracks, live stuff, film clips, chord charts, memorabilia. All put together with a requisite amount of love and care.

The first year’s club (Jan 2010 to Dec 2010) yielded:
– 64 tracks in total (31 of these were brand new songs never before released – counting the instrumentals from the film scores)
– 13 film clips of dubious quality (but amusing all the same)
– 24 Chord charts
– Countless photos ‘From the Archive’.

This year’s club began July 2011 and goes through to June 2012. Please note that it doesn’t matter when you join up, you will receive the previous month’s from this year’s club.

Subscriptions are handled through Paypal which is a secure site. Confirmation and a password will be emailed out to you upon signing up. You can then access the first edition which will be for July 2011. Each month we will diligently notify you of a new edition and send you out a new password to access this.

Hope you enjoy it, Cheers, MJT and Club Team


Yearly Subscription $35.

That's right, a yearly subscription is the same price it was last year - $35. Each month will feature a bunch of new songs, demos, soundtracks and the occassional exclusive recording session. There will be quite a bit of live stuff this year including a couple of full videos of some cracking gigs. There will be chord charts, photos and video diaries of the forthcoming Mick Thomas album recorded (mainly) early 2011 in Portland Oregon.


Price: $35.00

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Gold Yearly Subscription $100. Also the same price as last year.. for the $100 Yearly Subscription you will receive a full three CD gatefold edition of the year's work in uncompressed WAV form (basically the same as a normal commercial CD). One of this year's discs will be a DVD of at least three shows filmed in the last twelve months (over 30 tracks). As with last year it will come with a full colour booklet and a colour poster of the year's releases. Please make sure you supply us with your mailing address.


Price: $100.00

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