Mick Thomas



The Shackleton3 album is out! We are playing an official record launch Sunday 27th of November at the Kew RSL. It is a family friendly sausage sizzling affair and Mac’ and the Boys are going to open the show starting at 4pm. It’s a cracking old RSL and it’s lovely to be part of opening up new venues rather than bemoaning the closure of old ones. After that we’ve an instore at Basement discs on Friday the 2nd of December – it’s double bill with Jeff Lang which should be pretty decent you’d think.

After that we’ll be taking the super flying folk show (Liz, Van, Mick) to Ararat Live on Saturday 17th December and then playing the Carringbush Christmas party Sunday the 18th.
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Founders and Survivors

Founders and Survivors is a project begun by Roar Film which initially will be a website based thing dealing with the extensive convict records they are still discovering in Tasmania. There are twenty stories to follow through – each with a strong musical component that will take in a number of songs and voices. Read more on “Founders and Survivors” »