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Song by Song: Christmas Day at Spencer Street

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When you release a new album the publicists often get you to do a song by song run down of the release. Here is pretty much what is going to be on the newie. It is all going to the pressing plant as I write and so we reckon it should be good to go by mid November. We will start taking orders pretty soon as retail seems a dodgier prospect than ever these days.

– Christmas Medley
(The Adulterer’s Christmas Carol/Jolly Old Christmas Time): These two bona fide Christmas songs only ever appeared on WPA B-sides and live records. It was great to finally give them full band treatments and a big thanks to Pete Lawler who was quick enough to contact Mick as he was finishing off the vocals for his track Jolly Old Christmas Time to remind him of the penultimate line ” Drinking port wine from a milk shake glass”.

– New Moon Cafe: Penned by Andrew Vinney this is a song people may remember from Mick’s first post WPA offering  Under Starter’s Orders – which was a solo live rendition. Strange how a song can just stay with someone for decades.

– In the Wars and The People You Meet were both written for the yet to be staged musical theatre piece based on the ABC commissioned website charting Peter Pinney’s rip roaring travel saga Dust on My Shoes. Expect to see the play sometime in the next couple of years as it’s all pretty much good to go.

–  Australian Flag Bikini: This seemed a walk up start for a record released in an election year. A song that came from a disastrous show at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament some years ago and a sporadic live favourite.

– The Castleford Ladie’s Magic Circle: – Written by Yorkshire balladeer Jake Thackray Mick learnt this at the folk club in Geelong back in the 70’s and strangely enough had only ever played it a few times through the years. His strongest memory is playing it for his parents who called it simply ” the witches song “.

– Girl (at the Other Side of the World): Recorded as a tribute to Mick and Wally’s sadly departed buddy Ron Verhoef – a fondly remembered Dutch accordion player that seemed to somehow traverse the gap between Amsterdam and Melbourne with ease.

– The Foxy Devil: A song written by Galway Joe Dolan, Foxy Devil was an early WPA favourite that strangely enough never made it onto a recording.

– Christmas Day at Spencer Street: The only appearance this ever made was as a printed lyric on a Christmas Card the Weddings produced one year for their fan club. Brought up to date with a new closing verse Mick recited this into an iPad walking around the platforms of Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station.