NEW ALBUM - City’s Calling Me….OUT April 30.
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This is the second album we recorded while Melbourne was in lockdown mode last year. It started off as a simple covers record, but with nothing else to do it grew into so much more. Initially the brief was to have a bunch of songs that were within the five kilometre from home restriction zone. Before long I had quite a few songs from writers that hadn’t been released and there was any amount of my own back catalogue that seemed relevant. The weekend the grand final would have been played in Melbourne I was feeling so flat that it just seemed natural to want to sing a slow reflective version of Under the Clocks. The other great thing that happened during the recording was Jen Anderson coming on board and doing some amazing string arrangements. On Marcel Borrack’s Regent to Ruthven she really shone and this is my personal favourite for sure. I don’t think I would have ever recorded a song like this with such an arrangement had I been in a normal studio environment so I guess there’s something good to come out of a shitty situation. The Brian Nankervis read of Barry Humphries’ Suburbs in Between is also a fave of mine (let’s face it - you love them all or you shouldn’t bother in the first place). It’s a cracker and well worth holding up the release of the album for in my opinion. The first single off it is the Charles Jenkins song Keeping All the Cannons Clean. It features the full current line-up of the band plus Jac Tonks and Nick O’Mara so plenty going on. Every single track recorded in isolation. All mixed and mastered by Craig Pilkington in his shed. When the going get’s tough, the tough go out the back to record.